Project Production Policy

Conceptual design and design development are carried out by William Hanuschak using state of the art concepts in structural design and detailing. A value engineering approach is used in the selection of appropriate structural framing systems and design details. Emphasis is placed on quality control and construction economics through the final design and drawing phases in addition to compliance with applicable codes and building standards. Computers are used in the design and drawing process to increase production capacity and efficiency as well as to improve quality control. In-house computer assisted drafting (CAD) is used to prepare drawings based on AutoCad software.

Following completion of the design phase, construction review with regular reporting is maintained. This is carried out on a cooperative basis providing general consultation and assistance as required to the Design Team and to the Contractors in the best interests and on behalf of the Client and Owner. The Engineering Code of Ethics is subscribed to in all phases of our work and maximum efforts are expended to maintain the highest possible level of professional services and standards to provide a sound and durable building.

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