Company Management

Officers William Hanuschak, P.Eng., FCSCE
President and Principal

Bud Irving, Q.C.
Secretary & Legal Counsel
D'Arcy and Deacon

Accountants Bob Leggett
Deloitte and Touche LLP
Winnipeg, MB
Banker Banker Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, MB
Professional Security Insurance Company of Hartford (DPIC)
Liability Insurers Oldfield Kirby Dale and Esau - George Esau

and Production

William Hanuschak, P.Eng., FCSCE

Darren B. Towells, C.I.M., P. Eng., P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer

Paul Hanuschak
Business Manager

Tim Hawkins, CET
Senior Technologist

Richard Taylor
CAD Manager

Gerald Laking
CAD Technician

Clive Hanuschak, EIT
System Manager, CAD Technician

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