Representative Major Clients

HCI currently operates and services clients in and around Winnipeg as well as in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Our production work is centralized in the Winnipeg office. With today's communications we are able to service projects and clients in any location.

"And one last thing.  I want to say how great it is to work with you and Tim Hawkins on projects.  You are so responsive to questions and coming up with solutions to field challenges.  You just seem to work with us seamlessly, and Jim and I really appreciate it"  - Kirk Velett, InSite Architects

  Canada United States of America

A&S Homes
AGB Architects
Aikens MacAulay Thorvaldson
Akman Construction
Bristol Aerospace
Brunswick Steel
Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
City of Winnipeg
Cohlmeyer Architects
Cooper Rankin Architects
Courtnage Architects
Canadian Pacific Railway
Daytona Development
Derksen Mechanical Services Inc.
E.K. Construction 2000 Ltd.
Frederickson Cooper Architects
Friesen Tokar Architects
Garden Hill First Nation
GBR Architects
Greentree Homes
LM Architectural Group
Manitoba Rolling Mills
Marty Weinberg
Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation
Mathias Colomb Cree Nation
Minish Construction
North Portage Development Corporation
Number Ten Architectural Group
Penn-Co Construction
Penner Building Centre
Prairie Partnership Architects
Province of Manitoba
Public Works Canada
Qualico Developments
St. Boniface Hospital
Smith Carter Architects
Standard Aero
Star Building Materials
Stechesen Katz Architects
Strike Didur Associates
Syverson Monteyne Architects
Valley Builders

BKV Group (Minneapolis)
BSB Architects & Planners (Dallas)
Boisclair Corporation (Minneapolis)
Bor-Son Construction Inc. (Minneapolis)
Buxell Architecture (Mpls.)
Chase Homes
Ron Clark Construction
Cluts OBrien Strother Architects
Dovolis, Johnson & Ruggieri Inc.
Dunbar Development Corporation
Ellness Swenson Graham (ESG) Architects
Finn-Daniels Architects (Mpls.)
Frana Construction (Mpls)
Gramercy Corporation LLC (Mpls)
HGA Inc.(Mpls)
Hartford Group Inc. (Mpls)
Humphrey & Partners (Dallas, TX)
Henry & Elizabeth Hyatt (Mpls)
Insite Architects (Mpls)
J. B. Nethercutt
Kajima Development Corporation
KKE Architects (Mpls)
Klodt Construction (Mpls)
KMR Architects (Mpls)
Kraus-Anderson Construction
LaSalle Group
LRK Architects
LeCesse Development Corp (Winter Park, Florida)
Miller Hanson Partners (Mpls)
Mortenson Construction
North American Properties (Dallas, TX)
Palaia / Pollock / Buchanan Architects
Pope Associates Architects
RSP Architects
Ryan Construction (Ryan Companies US Inc)
Setter Leach Architects
Stonebridge Companies (Apple Valley, MN)
Tushie Montgomery Architects (TMI) Mpls.
Julie Snow Architects
Walsh Bishop Architects
WCL Associates, Inc.
Weber Construction (Mpls)
Weis Builders
Wendy's International
Winsor/Faricy Architects (Mpls)
Zaidan Corporation (Mpls)

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