Company History

Hanuschak Consultants Inc., Consulting Structural Engineers originated from Wm. Hanuschak & Associates Ltd. which was founded in 1973.

Hanuschak Consultants Inc. (HCI) operates primarily in the Manitoba area as well as in Northern Ontario and Upper Midwest USA. A branch office is maintained in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we have operated since 1973. Design and production work is carried out in our main office in Winnipeg.

The firm has varied in size from 6 to 18 experienced professionals and technicians depending on workload and schedules. Wm. Hanuschak, P.Eng., the senior partner, has some 30 years of experience and is a recognized authority in the structural field.

 HCI specializes in the structural design of all types of buildings in reinforced, precast, prestressed and post-tensioned concrete as well as structural steel, timber and masonry. HCI has been responsible for the structural design of several hundred major projects in Canada and the USA ranging from $500,000 to $150 M in size. Annual volume is represented by construction costs averaging over $200 M. Projects have included hi-rise and low-rise apartments, condominiums, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airport structures, schools, churches, parking garages, university buildings, industrial buildings and miscellaneous structures. Prime responsibility is for the design of foundations and superstructure, with supplementary services including feasibility studies, advisory services, inspections and reports on new construction or existing buildings. More recently we have been engaged by other professionals or consulting firms in connection with investigations, design reviews, insurance claims and litigation, construction disputes and expert opinions.

 Our company provides a high level of professional services to a variety of clients including both public and private. A large proportion of our clients are Architects who have been retained as prime consultants on a project. Other clients include Government Departments, General Contractors, Developers, Attorneys, Insurance Adjusters, Manufacturers, School Boards, Church Boards, Condominium Associations and Private Owners. A detailed list of major clients is included. 

HCI has built up an excellent reputation for quality professional work on all types and sizes of buildings from one to fifty storeys and with construction costs in excess of $150 M. A number of our projects have received awards for excellence and innovative engineering. We have been recognized as experts and pioneers in a number of areas particularly in the field of hi-rise post-tensioned construction and structural steel. A more detailed listing of successfully completed major projects is attached.

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